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In a dream, you could be walking along a mountain road, turn a corner and fall into a deep cave.  When you look up to see where you are, you realize that you are inside a mountain of solid gold.  WOW!


Thatís the way I felt the day I met Jerry Cestkowski.  I was out running some errands, and the next thing I know, Iím watching Jerry juggle two cards in one hand while shuffling the rest of the deck in the other.  During the next hour, I was amazed to see hundreds of card flourishes, most of which I had never seen before.  I saw him spring the deck over his head in a perfect arc, with every card visible.  I saw him do Houdiniís ďimpossibleĒ Double Arm-Spread.  I saw flourishes I never would have imagined.  It was pure gold - I was in the presence of a master of his craft.


I talked him into giving a demonstration at the local magic club.  You know you are seeing something incredible when a room full of magicians is completely stunned into silence.  It only takes you about ten seconds to realize that, in the world of extreme playing card flourishes, Jerry is obviously without peer.  I have been a professional magician for forty years.  I have an extensive collection of magic books and films.  I have seen hundreds and hundreds of performers.  Jerry does more flourishes, and does them better, than anybody. 


In this comprehensive manual, the first of its kind, Jerry describes all the good flourishes he has found from every source available.  And then he gives you dozens and dozens of his own inventions, many of which are more spectacular than anything ever before published.  Jerry has gone out of his way to avoid describing minor variations, silly trifles, and time-wasting finger exercises.  The flourishes in this book are practical, eye-pleasing gems that will add impact to any smart magicianís card work.  If you need to wow your audience, this book is a dream come true.  It is a gold mine of beautiful and effective material you can use every time you pick up a deck of cards.


                                            Robert (Ned) Nedbalski

Nedís Mile High Magic and More

Lakewood, Colorado