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Extreme Underground Manipulative Excitement!

Signed, Limited Edition Teaching CDs

Playable only in Media Player and Real Player formats on your Computer  

     The entire limited run of our exclusive teaching CDs has been sold!  No more will be sold or produced, ever!  Congratulations to those of you who have purchased our teaching CDs!   We offered them in response to the overwhelming demand for the correct method of the now infamous Cobra Cut.  The CDs were and will be, for some months to come, the ONLY way to learn the proper "work" on this beautiful cut.  Of course the CDs contained detailed instructions for three other flashy, non-Sybil-based flourishes as well.  In addition, purchasers of the CDs received a Bonus disc with a host of unique footage, including a never-before-seen clip of a performer juggling two cards in one hand while shuffling the rest of the deck in his other hand.  

     The unique teaching style of the CDs - all-original music, no talk, correctly-oriented views - has been extremely well received.  And don't forget the tightly arranged inspirational montage sequences!   So again, for all of you true artists who acted quickly, congratulations.  You not only learned some of the coolest, latest, most cutting edge flourishes, you have something unusual that exists in very small quantity and that will never be produced again.


CD #1

De'vo's COBRA CUT     A packet of cards is balanced on the back of one finger and then slowly elevated.  The cards remaining in the hand are divided with the thumb.  The balanced packet is somersaulted into the air, and is crisply caught.  The actions resemble a vengeful cobra striking its hapless prey!  You wouldn't believe it unless you've seen it, but you've seen it on the Superhandz site.  Now learn it for yourself! 

Flourishman's FAN TWIRL     You've got a fan in your hand that must be closed.  Why be boring?  Why not spin the fan 360 degrees and then smoothly close it?  This beautiful, revolutionary fan stunt can be a stunning addition to your repertoire. With a Giant Fan, it is one of the biggest fan flourishes there is. 


CD #2

Flourishman's L-CUT     Here is a brand new one-hand cutting technique that is as versatile as it is spectacular.  Learn the basic L-Cut method, and a stunning array of multiple cut flourishes can be yours.  With half the deck in each hand you can do ten running packets in each hand.  Many devastating displays and closings can also be acquired once the basic move is mastered. 

De'vo's FLIP BACK     You are innocently holding the deck in dealing position.  BAM!  The deck is instantly on the back of your hand!  How the hell did it get there, perfectly square, with no visible finger movement, that freakin' fast?  And how cool will it look in both hands simultaneously?  Learn the secret and you are on your way to an entire new branch of card manipulation.